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    • August 10
      Married couples, contraception and 'Humane Vitae'
      Christopher Klofft writes: In paragraph 25 of Blessed Paul VI’s encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” he makes an invitation to married couples to make the teaching of the document visible to the whole world. Allison Ledoux writes: After much deliberation and prayer, Dr. Walt Larimore concluded that he could no longer in conscience prescribe contraception for his patients, especially since morally viable alternatives were available.
    • August 9
      Reactions to pope on death penalty
      Local Catholics react to last week’s announcement that Pope Francis is changing the Catechism of the Catholic Church to say the death penalty is “inadmissible.” The death penalty “no longer falls into the category of a prudential judgment,” Bishop McManus said. Catholics don’t have the right to make their own judgments about how to apply this Church teaching.
    • August 9
      Partners in Charity Surpasses $5 M Goal for Third Consecutive Year
      “It is humbling to witness the continuing generosity of our donors,” said Michael Gillespie, director of the Office of Stewardship and Development. His office announced today that, as of the report on Tuesday, August 8, it has received 16,209 gifts and pledges totaling $5,018,233, thereby exceeding the $5 million goal three weeks before the end of the fiscal year which marks the official end of the appeal. The appeal officially was launched at the beginning of Lent, following a kickoff that took place at the Chancery on Elm Street in Worcester. Gifts are still being accepted until August 31 for those donors who are still interested in supporting this year’s appeal.
    • August 8
      Tornado brings out the best in people
      Thankfulness and helpfulness were some people’s responses after a tornado touched down in Webster and Dudley the morning of Aug 4. The tornado was reported to be a “high-end EF-1,” with estimated wind speeds up to 110 mph.
    • August 8
      Ghanian priest spends sabbatical here
      WORCESTER – A multi-lingual biblical scholar who spent part of his sabbatical in Worcester has returned to his native Ghana, where he started schools for poverty-stricken students.